No Mo'... No Mo'... No Mo'... No Mo'
It Worked 5/5/09

Picture from Aspen Times article


He Called Them What???




1.  “I’d like to schedule a long meeting …to discuss listing of post war structures, most likely w/o owners’ consent.”  READ IT

2.  “But are there historic structures that can have additions made to them?  I want to preclude the possibility….. I don’t think we owe someone value.”  READ IT

3.  “I’ve been pretty busy composing emails offending those opposed to Ordinance 30.”  READ IT

4.  “I do hope we will not be taking public comment on a continuation.”  READ IT

5.  “Stop by Tues at 5 to hear speculators try to get us to overturn Ord 30!”  READ IT

6.  “I wouldn’t have backtracked if I had been dictator.”  READ IT

7.  “I’d even argue the rooms interiors be under purview.”  READ IT

8.  “The objection from council (and potentially from the owner) will be that we are ‘taking’ something or getting involved in private property etc.  Personally and confidentially, I look at these objections from CC as a way to hide from doing anything that might be controversial.”  READ IT

9.  “It will also remove the entire burden of carrying our history from those property owners”  READ IT

10.  “I think the preservation of interiors is an important thing anyway though.”  READ IT

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