No Mo'... No Mo'... No Mo'... No Mo'
It Worked 5/5/09

Picture from Aspen Times article


He Called Them What???




1.  “They are ‘up to no good’ … Allow me to identify the hidden evil.”  READ IT

2.  “I like the idea of deed-restricted commercial space …to ensure affordable rents for low-profit/service businesses.”  READ IT

3.  “It’s a good thing that I am not on Council as I would be unable to refrain from leaping over the protective partition and pounding Clauson’s greasy little head on the applicant’s table.”  READ IT

4.  “Brian Speck, Dylan Johns and John Rowland never voted to deny any project during my lengthy tenure on P&Z.  Dylan and John believe that any project designed by an architect is, by definition, acceptable.”  READ IT

5.  "Garfield & Hecht would not undertake such a course of action ‘pro bono’ – even if they were the ones to benefit ultimately; their modus operandi is to use other people’s money – and Marcus and Provine are not about to shell out the kind of money needed for this type of action.  Moreover, G&H like to pretend that they are concerned with the good opinion of the community, unlike Marcus and Provine who seem to relish their slimeball reputations.”  READ IT

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