No Mo'... No Mo'... No Mo'... No Mo'
It Worked 5/5/09

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He Called Them What???




1.  “Mr. Marcus was just in here for over an hour ….I should get hazard pay.” READ IT

2.  “I’ve got Susan O’Neal coming into my showroom at 1:30.  If you showed up around then or 2pm, you could rescue me.” READ IT

3.  “I have told you repeatedly not to contact me.  I find your actions self serving, your excuses weak and your communications offensive and harassing.” READ IT

4.  “And whatever we do, it should be sort of limited.  Let’s present some options instead of giving free reign to a committee.” READ IT

5.  “(Your) attempts to overhaul how the system is administered are veiled attempts to undermine the system and put council, the housing office and the program off course.”  READ IT

6.  “Frankly David, I don’t appreciate the tone here.  Are you frustrated?  I’m sure you are – perhaps rightly so, perhaps not.”  READ IT

7.  “I just got another email on the topic from Andrew Kole…. Of course that should make things louder instead of quieter.”  READ IT

8.  “The thing is, Mr. Kertz started at volume 10 and needs to be dialed down.”  READ IT

9.  “Roine represented you all well.  Oddly, but well.”  READ IT

10.  “I don’t know what’s worse, no hot water or having to talk to those harpies.”  READ IT

11.  “We’ve bent over backwards to do what this group wanted, to allow them to speak fully and often and met quickly and often to appease them.  No more!  Why do they get special treatment?”  READ IT

12.  “There were what 12 people in that meeting?  They are going to determine how this council acts on behalf of everyone else and for the future?  Why are we giving them so much power?”  READ IT

13.  “I’ve told you time and again I want nothing to do with you.  Go peddle your BS somewhere else.”  READ IT

14.  “While I personally would like to work with the homeowners to achieve common ends and have done so in the past, that may no longer be a viable position.”  READ IT

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