Friday, September 24, 2010 at 12:49PM
[Your Name Here]

1.  “What they should do is just turn over the Election Commission decisions to me.  I have never been in more of a mood to be a dictator.”  READ IT

2.  “People are trying to make Historic Preservation and the City of Aspen and City Council in general the scapegoat for those assholes selling the Jerome.”  READ IT

3.  “There’s a thing as too much transparency.”  READ IT

4.  “‘Vote and get on with it?’  What an alien concept!”  READ IT

5.  “Boy was I shit faced.”  READ IT

6.  “I think we could use a vigilante brigade personally.  Or a modified one!”  READ IT

7.  “Wow!  I can’t believe that.  I’ll be it’s Mick that pushed that through.  I’ve got to learn some of his tricks!”  READ IT

8.  “We’ve been against the “greedheads” since the late sixties so is today any different?  Fight the good fight whether you win or not.”  READ IT

9.  “Non-dogmatic?  Is there such a person east of the castle creek?”  READ IT

10.  “The public spoke but I can’t understand them.”  READ IT


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