Friday, September 24, 2010 at 12:49PM
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1.  Encouraged the city to destroy the paper trail from the secret investigation of the 2009 Election Commission:  “Have you destroyed those materials since last night?  Need a match?  I am only half jesting.”  READ IT

2.  Regarding the control of local government over those who live in subsidized housing:  “All the more reason to mark your ballot as you are told to do.”  READ IT

3.  As a strong advocate of  Burlingame:  “I love it!  ‘Build Your Dream Home.’ What a crock.”  READ IT

4.  Collaborated with the city to impugn the 2009 Election Commission:  “Seems to me that you accomplished what you set out to do.” – City Atty John Worcester; “Did I achieve my goals?  I think so, but wonder.” – Jack Johnson  READ IT

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